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Gal Rasché (stage name :Galina Mauracher;, born Galina Viktorovna Krutikowa ((RuS |Галина Викторовна Крутикова}}, wiss translation ((| ru-Latn |Galina Viktorovna Krutikova}}, French translation of ((lang | ru-Latn |Galina Viktorovna Kroutikova}}; * 13 March 1960 in Leningrad) is a Russian - Austrian conductor pianist and university professor. Gal Rasché
Gal Rasché is of Ukrainian-Russian origin. Viktor Krutikov, her father was a diplomat and long-time head of the radio station Krasny Bor and her mother a graduate engineer. Galina was first introduced to music and the piano by her grandmother at the age of five. She studied with Anatoly Ivanov at the N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory in St. Petersburg, worked in Russia at various music schools and institutes as well as in orchestra management and in 1997 as professor of piano at The Prayner Conservatory in Vienna, and in 2001 as a guest professor of piano, history and theory of music at the conservatory of Vienna. As a conductor, she has given three concerts in Vienna with the orchestra,Viennarmonica works by Mozart, Schubert and Tchaikovsky in Concert.' She has also performed in several other countries. She is also the author of a screenplay for a Ballet (Children's Album) by Tchaikovsky, is assistant to the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation and has several magazine articles published. In 1999, she won an award in competition television documentary feature of the International Festival Interfer99 in Yugoslavia. She is now a permanent resident of Vienna although in Saint Petersburg she remains a member of the Russian Society of Authors (although performances in St. Petersburg are now rare.) Since 1996 she has been married to the grandson of General Edward Opitz of Sorwell, Commander for Bohemia and Moravia, Nikola Mauracher - Opitz of Sorwell. Citizenship In April 2000, Gal Rasché applied for Austrian citizenship and was accepted by the Austrian Government. On 28th December 2000 Gal Rasche was officially awarded Austrian citizenship in Vienna. She has written more like 60 books about Classical Music and lectured about music. For this, as well as for her musical work, she has twice received the “Brilliant Duke of Richelieu” award from the “Gloria” art association of the Ukrainian city of Odessa.


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